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Your bathroom should provide a soothing retreat from daily stress.  A large custom tiled shower is the best thing you can design and even small bathrooms can incorporate the beauty and comfort of a custom tiled shower.  Does your bathroom have unique measurements?  Not a problem.  Tiles are available in a range of sizes, colour, textures, and shapes providing endless possibilities.  Bathroom design is all about producing a comfortable retreat and whether you want something that stands out or something with subtle charm, properly installed tile can deliver on your dreams.  A custom tiled shower allows for flexibility when instituting accessories such as benches, niches, grab bars, multiple shower heads, and steam units and tiles are easy to clean, durable, moisture resistant, and can also provide a safe non-slip surface.  In addition to providing you with a relaxing sanctuary, a custom tiled shower will also increase the value of your home.  It is easy to be overwhelmed by the infinite choices so begin your remodelling project by contacting us today!

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Porcelain tile is an attractive choice for your custom shower and bathroom.  It is a denser, harder and less porous option that delivers greater water and stain resistance than ceramic tile.  Porcelain stands up to heavy traffic abuse and water splashes and it lasts for years while resisting odors and bacteria.  Porcelain is difficult to scratch and comes in a variety of shapes, styles, and colours.  And it is very easy to clean by just immediately wiping up the water.  This shower we installed also contains a natural pebble stone floor, so the possibilities are endless.  Are you ready for your new porcelain oasis?  Let’s get started today!

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marble shower installation


Marble has been used in homes for a long time and it is increasing in popularity, especially in shower design.  There is no doubt that marble is an elegant choice for any bathroom design.  Each marble slab has its own exclusive veining pattern and you will add interest and variety to your shower.  Even though marble is the most beautiful tile it does have drawbacks and the first is the price.  Marble tends to have limited availability and it can be quite expensive.  Marble is also very porous and this means it is susceptible to staining and you must use marble safe cleaners when cleaning it.  That being said, it is a gorgeous stone and if you are ready to install it in your next project, we would be happy to help!

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Limestone is a beautiful, natural option for creating a sophisticated look in your shower.  With its many styles and muted tones, it creates a clean, comfortable and luxurious touch.  Limestone is formed under the bottom of the sea and is pressurized, which makes it strong, yet porous.  But with regular sealing, limestone is a very durable tile that can handle the highest traffic areas and even though it is strong, it is moderately soft to the touch and feels nice on your feet.  If you are looking for beautiful, natural flooring without elevated costs, limestone is your best option.  Contact us when you are ready for your limestone haven.

ceramic tile shower


Ceramic tile is used in an increasing number of bathrooms and you can choose from a number of designs, colours, and patterns.  There are several perks to using this versatile product.  They are highly resistant to chemicals and cleaners, and will not retain or absorb stains which makes it easy to keep clean.  Ceramic is also resistant to humidity and moisture so it is ideal for a damp room like your bathroom and will resist mold and bacteria.  The most cost-effective choice for your custom tiled shower is ceramic so contact us now to chat about colours for your new shower!

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We only use Schluter products for our shower waterproofing and the Schluter Kerdi-Drain is offered in a variety of grate finishes and accommodates a wide range of tile thicknesses.  A bonding flange is adhered to the waterproof membrane and this forms a waterproof connection at the top of the tiled floor.  We installed this Schluter drain in a stone mosaic floor because we only use the best for our clients so contact us today to discuss your shower design.

stone mosaic schluter drain
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Do any of our custom tiled shower ideas interest you?  With all of these options available you may have questions and we will be happy to answer them for you.  Contact us now and we will answer any question you may have about designing your shower!

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